Contact persons tel.: +49 (341) 234163-11/22
  • Localization and analysis of weak areas of dykes and dams in loose rock and hard rock  
  • Vibration monitoring and strain measurements incl. mapping out of crack damages and pointing out the causes of the related cracks  
  • Investigations and expertises of foundation ground for buildings as well as for traffic routes and supply networks (incl. material classification)  
  • Stability analysis in loose rock  
  • Geophysical-geological exploration of soil and rocks  
  • Integrated geophysical-geotechnical analysis of water reservoirs
  • Supervision of the redevelopment of flood protection facilities and of the foundation ground of buildings, streets and routes
  • Testing of compression measures and load bearing capacities
  • Combined analysis of geophysical and geotechnical surveys on disposal sites (e.g. correlation between the results of seismic tomography and cone penetration tests or between resistivity surveys and boreholes)