Case study: Stability investigation of a mining dump

Fig. 1: Picture of the embankment

At an embankment of a mining dump a landslide occurred. In order to be able to estimate the full extent of the landslide a stability investigation is necessary. Therefore stability calculations have to be performed and an assessment of the stability with an advice for the construction of the future embankment as well as recommendations for further depositing of the dump have to be given.

Initially an excact surveying of the actual slope is done. Then a sampling of the relevant soil layers or aggretated materials were taken for the laboratory tests. Based on the resulting soil physical and soil mechanical parameters a geological-geotechnical model could be created. Stability calculation can be calculated for different cases.

As a result of the stability calculations the cause for the landslide was found and could be analysed. The slope of the embankment was too steep and in combination with a slidable decomposed layer the landslide was initiated. A stair-like construction with enough space for intermediate berms was implemented for the embankment.

Fig. 2: Embankment before landslide

Fig. 3: Embankment after landslide