Further operations:
  • Case study: Reprocessing of seismic data for the exploration of deep thermal water  
  • 2D/3D survey design  
  • Seismic acquisition supervision (bird dog)  
Reflection seismics
Seismic acquisition supervision (bird dog)

For clients of major seismic 2D/3D surveys, especially if the client is not familiar with seismic data acquisition, it has been proved to have an independent specialist at his side. This specialist (so called "bird dog") supervises the whole workflow of seismic data acquisition, he takes care for the quality of the recorded data and often can reduce the acquisition costs. Additionally, he works as a communication interface between the client and the acquisition company and is intervening in cases to improve data quality.

Our offer covers the entire activities of project supervision:

  • Supervision of compliance with the requirements of the contract
  • Monitoring of compliance with the requirements of the operating plan
  • Regular checking of equipment and staff
  • Supervision of compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations (Project HSE Plan) and support of contractor's HSE advisor
  • Conception of signal parameter tests. Supervision and evaluation of the performance and analysis of parameter test in order to determine the optimum signal parameters for seismic data acquisition
  • Daily check of shot records and signal parameters used
  • Daily control of quality parameters (e.g. radio similarity, post sweep services)
  • Inspection of geophone and cable layout
  • Supervision of on-site processing
  • Supervision of short refraction measurements, including evalution of results
  • Supervision of compliance with safety distances and vibration monitoring in accordance to DIN 4150
  • Support for press conferences and project visits
  • Daily reporting to the client
  • Review of reports of seismic contractor
  • Cost monitoring

The project supervision should be extended to the subsequent steps

  • Seismisc data processing
  • Interpretation

Fig. 1: Vibrator group

Fig. 2: Geophone and cable layout

Fig. 3: Results of a hardwire similarity test